At Footprints Family centre we tackle the real issues of poverty on Buttershaw. For over 20 years as we have brought employment, great nursery education, after school care and many other opportunities to the Buttershaw estate.

We recognise that many on Buttershaw are among the poorest in the UK but there are many far poorer in the world. We are making a stand against poverty not only in the UK, but also in our world. We have launched the Buttershaw Breaking Poverty campaign to raise awareness of poverty both here and abroad and to campaign on poverty issues.

There are many ways that we are doing this:-

  • Raising awareness of poverty related issues
  • Linking the Family Centre with Zimpeto children’s centre in Mozambique
  • Fundraising
  • Sending teams from Buttershaw to Mozambique
  • Campaigning
  • Events and conferences
  • Financial Sozo

Raising awareness of poverty related issues

Buttershaw Breaking Poverty aims to raise awareness in the community of Buttershaw of poverty in the UK and abroad. Through assemblies in local school, speaking at local scout groups and connecting with children and youth workers on the estate. By raising awareness of the many issues around poverty we hope to encourage people to take an active role in tacking poverty.

Linking the Family Centre with Zimpeto children’s centre in Mozambique

In 2014 a team from Buttershaw visited the Zimpeto children centre in Maputo, Mozambique. As a result of that visit Footprints Family centre chose to twin itself with the children’s centre. Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world and the children’s centre has similar aims as Footprints in tacking poverty and helping children get out of the poverty trap.

This link provides an ideal way for Buttershaw to understand the issues of world poverty and have a positive influence through the connection.

Footprints Family centre now pays for 1 weeks running cost for the Zimpeto children’s centre.

More information about the children’s centre can be found on


Footprints family centre raised funds to support the Zimpeto children’s centre and also to help teams go to Mozambique. A variety of fundraising activities are done throughout the year to help with this, please see events below.

You can give online at

Or at collection points at the Family centre or Healthy Living pharmacy

Or buy a Buttershaw breaking poverty band to show that you have joined the campaign!

Sending teams from Buttershaw to Mozambique

The aim is to send teams of 12 people every couple of years to help out at Zimpeto children’s centre. The team get the opportunity to play with the children, teach crafts and help out in the dormitories as well as do lots of practical tasks.

The teams come back with an understanding of poverty worldwide and a passion to see change in Buttershaw and beyond.


We can influence our government and other governments by campaigning on poverty related issues. We are encouraging people to join campaigns such as the Justice campaign run by Traidcraft, follow this link for more information

Or the ordinary hero campaign by Tearfund

Or look out for poverty related campaigns on

Events and conferences

Tickets for all the below events can be purchased at Footprints office or healthy Living pharmacy.

Financial Sozo

Tacking poverty means  we need to tackle the root causes of poverty, not only in society but also the beliefs we have that cause us to live in poverty. We offer Financial Sozo’s to help anyone who wants to deal with the underlying causes of poverty in their own lives. More details can be found on